About Me

Hi, I'm Oystein.

It is very important to me to deliver quality work that benefits your business greatly. When discussing and writing the copy you need, I put my whole heart into it. 

I am totally serious about my writing.

I have studied at the Conversion Academy for copywriting, which has been one of the leading copywriting education platforms on the internet.


This has given me great skills writing:


  • Landing Pages

  • Emails

  • Written Sales Letters

  • Video Sales Letters

  • Webinars

  • Blogs

  • And More...

My big joy and what brings me a lot of fun in life is social dancing, different types of social dances with a partner.


This could be swing, salsa, bachata, meruenge, tango etc. This is a great way to stay in shape, and a lot of fun as you can see. 

I grew up in the city of Trondheim, Norway and live now in the south part of Norway. I love hanging out with friends when I have time, being in a nice boat with friends on a sunny day is great. 

I`ve been working as an engineer in the oil industry for many years. 


When the oil industry took a big hit in 2015, I went into internet marketing, and I`ve been to several internet marketing seminars in London, Las Vegas, Scottsdale Arizona, and even in Jamaica.


Now I`m a freelance copywriter specializing in the internet marketing niche. 

I`ve gone through a ton of products and services in the internet marketing niche.


I`ve made my own web pages and written facebook ads for different product and services, both offline and online seminars.


Seeing the pain points people are struggling with  throughout the 6 years I`ve been in internet marketing, has given me a good foundation for writing in this niche.

Writing emails, landing pages, sales letters, and also run doing webinars myself, has given me a good understanding in internet marketing.   

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